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Mrs Rebekah Hartung » Spring Book Fair 2019

Spring Book Fair 2019

Book fair will be here before you know it so I've attached a link of a preview of some of the books you'll find at the book fair!


Book Fair and Hot Chocolate!

Hot Chocolate for Sale during book fair!

Hot Chocolate for Sale during the book fair

$2.00- for plain Hot Chocolate

$3.00- Hot Chocolate plus toppings

Oct 2nd-10th

all proceeds go to the library

Counting on Words!

By Class the leaders are........
Zachary Setting- 909,210
Isabela Gamble- 1,367,645
BobbieLee Kliever- 328,209
Emily Elias- 748,005
Kristi Brink- 288,507
Noel Hartung-994,575
Cody Cunnigham- 715,127
Maya Bussinger- 1,788,475
Kayd Figueroa- 486,808
Vienna Stark- 593,079
Savanna Talbott- 364740
Cody Cunningham- 715,127
Kenneth Mosley- 582,239
Anders Torgerson- 348-413
Isabella Develey- 612,086
Erik VonRuden- 1,759,319
Mary Brennan- 311,095
Improving your word count is easy, take an AR test and it will automatically be tallied for you. 
Keep up the good work!

First Donation!

We received our first donation of 2 books and 20.00!!! Every dollar goes directly back into the school library. My goal is to have at least 100 new books for our middle schoolers to devour. Click on the link below and you get to choose from the list which books you want to dontate. Thank you again Magnolia family!

Library needs

Hello Magnolia family In earlier posts I attached links to 2 different ways you can partner with me to update your child's library. Middle school can be very tough and I am endeavoring to create an environment that is welcoming and exciting. While also achieving the main function of a library which includes providing a diverse selection of books. Thank you for your consideration and for the privilege of helping the students find there way to there next reading adventure.