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6th Grade Science


Magnolia Intermediate School

Instructor:  Miss Phelps

Room B-8

Email Address:

Phone: 530-268-2815 


Our Integrated Science approach includes six specific topics: Redwoods, Tidal Biology, Cells, Body Systems, Energy and Weather. Each topic will use a science inquiry approach. These strategies include, experiencing scientific phenomena, using prior knowledge to learn new information, lab experiences, using visuals to communicate, organize and reinforce learning, developing reading strategies and comprehension proficiency, and learning by using study strategies. Science lab investigations will allow students to synthesize and evaluate the conclusions they draw from the investigations.



Redwoods                                                  Ecological roles                 

Tidal Biology                                              Oceans

Weather and Climate                               Earth’s Atmosphere

Thermal Energy and Heat                       Energy and Matter in Ecosystems

Cells                                                        Body Systems



  1. Be on time to class.
  2. Be prepared with your work, textbook, binder, pencils and paper.
  3. Work neatly.
  4. First and last name at the top of all work, the period, the date, labeled with the assignment’s page numbers and problems.
  5. Write your assignments down daily in your agenda.
  6. Participate in class.
  7. Be respectful of the learning environment and safety rules for conducting experiments.

Classroom Procedures:

Students will record notes and learn academic vocabulary for the topics outlined above and use them for improving comprehension and studying for assessments.

Students will conduct experiments safely and participate cooperatively in groups to reinforce understanding concepts.

Students will be required to further investigate topics covered in class and present orally.


Materials Needed:

1 inch binder

Binder paper





Chapter Tests and Quizzes:

Formative assessments containing concepts being taught will be administered throughout each chapter or unit to check for student understanding and achievement. Summative assessments are administered after every chapter or unit of study. If students fall below 80% accuracy, intervention will occur immediately to get students back on track.


Grading:  Homework/Classwork/Participation: 50%

                  Labs/Tests/Quizzes: 50%


Homework not turned in when due will be accepted up to one week late for partial credit. A zero means the assignment was not turned in. 


Absent Work: Students will be responsible for getting their missed assignments and will have 1 week to turn it in for credit.


I encourage you to visit our school website and use the Student Resources section to access Power School Grades online. You can quickly assess your child’s progress. I usually put in grades every two weeks. Your child’s password will be passed out in their homeroom or you may get it from the office.


“The important thing is to never stop questioning.” -Unknown



I look forward to an INCREDIBLE year! Go Rattlers!

- Miss Phelps

6th Grade Science Camp

WHAT: Each year the 6th graders at Magnolia have the wonderful opportunity to attend Science Camp, an extended coastal/environmental studies field trip to the Sonoma County coast and redwoods. For most, students this will be one of the most memorable experiences they will have in their school life.

PURPOSE: This program enables the students to participate in a wide range of classroom instruction and then apply their classroom knowledge and skills in the field (outdoors, in a learning environment which is unique). The children become aware of the interrelations of a variety of organisms through observations and activities within their natural surroundings. Totally outside the walls of the conventional classroom, the children and teachers get to see one another in a completely different light than would be possible within the usual classroom environment. Often a child, who may not do well in the strictly academic structure of the classroom, excels in the outdoor and small group settings.

DATE: May 18th - May 22nd

LOCATION: Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds is a church camp located close to Occidental in Sonoma County. Study areas will be in the camp itself, Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve, U.C. Davis Marine Lab and Sonoma Coast State Beach.

TRANSPORTATION: Durham Transportation school bus.

FACILITIES: Camp facilities include heated cabins for 8-10 people, large modern dining hall, gymnasium, athletic field, swimming pool, and large meeting hall with fireplace and rest rooms with showers.

SUPERVISION: Magnolia Sixth Grade teachers are in attendance the entire week. Additionally, each small group of 6-8 students (same gender) is supervised at all times by a counselor (high school junior, senior or college student). Your child’s safety and well-being are a top priority.

COST: $420

6th grade students will receive payment information from their teachers at the beginning of the school year. 

Please make checks payable to: Sixth Grade Science Camp
To find: 
-Camp Equipment Checklist 
-Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education
SCIENCE AGENDA: Each student fills out a Timecard everyday with what we are doing in class. I have them put the homework or upcoming quizzes, tests or projects in the agenda everyday as well! Both strategies are to get the students more organized and prepared for the day. 
-You can find the schedule on the scanned packet! 
-We are sharing a joint 6th Grade Distance Learning Google Classroom. This is where you can find the packet, assignments, and extras!
-I have been posting home activities and fun news to my personal Google Classrooms!
CODE: fblzrad
Wheel Classes
The elective classes are offered at Magnolia as a focus on providing a balanced education for our students. The wheel allows students to try and explore new things!

Computer Skills


Students will learn skills that will help them to be successful academically.  These skills include keyboarding, Internet etiquette and safety and effective Google search methods.  They will learn how to use Google docs, forms, slides and classroom to create, store and present information.

Introduction to Drama
Students will learn about and experience being in a small production.

Introduction to Coding and Robotics


Students will be introduced to CH+ and learn to write some basic computer code.  They will then explore how this language can be used to program linkbots and other robots.  Students will use online programs such as Roboblokly and Scratch to further apply their coding knowledge.