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Dear Students, Parents or Guardians,

Welcome to eighth grade science and the 2017-2018 school year. This year we will begin stage one of implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This is exciting hands-on inquiry based learning using an integrated approach to teach science. Specifically, students will learn how to formulate scientific questions, explore problems, make observations, use and create models to explain their observations, and apply new information to seek a better understanding of our world.  

I'm looking forward to a fantastic year of discovery.


Gwendolyn Lyons 


To all 8th grade students:

The eighth grade teachers have collaborated extensively to assure you of having the greatest possible consistency with both policies and access across all subject areas.  The following is what we, the teachers, are committed to have for you:

  • Online access to assignment due dates, a copy of your syllabus explaining all classroom procedures and easy contact with your teacher via the teacher websites, as well as lunchtime access to see your teachers when needed.  
  • Access to your grades online.  
  • A copy of the student handbook in your agenda that clearly outlines your responsibilities, graduation requirements and district policies covering everything from absent work to behavior policies.


We, your teachers, have the following expectations of you, the student:

  • are responsible for maintaining your agenda and knowing and meeting all due dates, remember being absent a day or two may not result in a long-term assignment deadline automatically being extended, see your teacher if you believe you deserve extra time before the due date,
  • are responsible for having all pertinent materials at school each day to do your work (in process work, journals, pens, pencils, etc.)
  • are responsible for initiating contact with your teachers whenever you need additional information regarding an assignment or have been absent and need to collect handouts,
  • are responsible for completing all absent work within the district timeline (see agenda) – if for some reason you have failed to complete an absent assignment and would like an exception to the district policy you must submit in writing both your request and an explanation of the mitigating circumstances that you feel qualify you to have an extension.

We are here to help you and working together, students with teachers, we are confident that you will have a successful year.

The Eighth Grade Faculty


Contact Information:
Phone: (530) 268-2815