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Spring Break

I won't be available for math help on Google meeting next week (4/6-4/10) because it is Spring break. If you have a question, feel free to email me and I will get back to you when I can. The next time I'll be back in the Google meeting is Monday 4/13.

COVID-19 Closure

Hi all, 
It looks like there's no plan to start distance learning this week, so no new assignments until further notice. For those looking for something to do (TOTALLY OPTIONAL of course), the login instructions on my Magnolia web page should get you into the online textbook. When we stopped, we were just about to test on Chapter 7 and then move on to Chapter 8. The "Checkpoints" in the reference tab on the left side of the page are also good practice. Feel free to shoot me an email with questions. 

Due Friday

7-90, 7-91, 7-92
We will be testing in the computer lab Wednesday and Thursday so no homework will be assigned those nights. 

Chapter 6 Test Thursday

The chapter 6 test will cover a lot of the same topics as the chapter 6 quiz. 
The topics are:
-writing solving equations (and checking a solution)
-distributive property
-writing expressions