Office Procedures

Our office staff and student office aides are happy to assist you with many needs during school hours. Feel free to call the office (268-2815) with any questions/requests, and we'll do our best to assist you or direct you to the appropriate staff member. The following information will help us assist you more efficiently:
  • When calling the office, your call will likely be answered by a student. We have new office aides each trimester, and appreciate your patience as they learn and develop their office skills. Feel free to ask them simple questions, or request to speak to a secretary.
  •  Parents are welcome to call and request that a note be delivered to their student (ie; take/don't take the bus, call parent at lunch from the office, change of after school plans, etc.) 
  • You may call ahead and request that your student be in the office at a certain time if you'll be picking them up for an appointment.
  • Please be prepared to show photo ID to our office aide. It is District policy that anyone checking out a student early must show identification to be checked against the student's emergency card. Students will not be released to anyone who is not listed on the card and any changes need to be submitted in writing by a parent. 
  • Be aware that Cottage Hill gets out at 2:00 M-Th and 1:05 on Fridays; Traffic getting up to Magnolia will be stopped at those times and will delay getting to our office to pick a student up early. If possible, try to make appointments earlier or later.
  • Students may obtain a bus pass for a friend as long as they have a signed written note from both students’ parent/guardian. Please include the date, your student's name, who they're riding with, and the drop off location if known. Students must bring their note to the office no later than lunch time in order to receive their pass by the end of the school day.
If there's anything we can clarify for you or assist you with in any way, please call anytime.
Secretaries Donna Emerick and Leslie Garten