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Welcome to Magnolia - Home of the Rattlers!


During summer the Library will be closed. If you have overdue library books or textbooks please drop them off at the Pleasant Ridge District Office (next to Cottage Hill) anytime between 8:00-4:30 Monday-Friday. If it's after August 1st you can drop them off at the  Magnolia Intermediate School Office.
Thank you, 
Thursday May 16th we have a rare and exciting opportunity to host author/illustrator R.M Winch! His published book and other artwork can be found and purchased on .  While on campus he will be presenting "Space Pilgrim" to the students and having a time for them to ask questions not limited to but including art school, how to publish a work of art and his time spent at Disney. 
If your student is getting an "overdue notice" for the Lightning Thief please disregard.
It's time to finish up those books and get them back to the Library! Due dates are no later than June 3rd! If you have overdue fines please either pay those or take a passing A.R Test and bring it in. 
In case you missed out on the book fair it's not to late you can order books online through the 13th of April! just click on the link below and it will take you to our scholastic online fair. Free shipping is included!

Coin Wars- Congratulations Mrs. Boothe’s 6th period!!!!


Get ready to Party!!!! On Friday April 12th we will be having a Pizza party at Lunch and it gets even better you get an extra 15min added it! 

Great job to all the classes it will go a long way in improving our library! Thank you!!!



Boothe 1st period– 71.03

Boothe 2nd period- 2.41

Boothe 3rd period – 162.71

Boothe 4th period - 67.96

Boothe 5th period– 65.76

Boothe 6th period– 390.14


Daniels 1st period– 32.58

Daniels 2nd period– 31.35

Daniels 3rd period – 5.32

Daniels 4th period- 51.81

Daniels 6th period– 38.83


Lavelle – 64.99

Book fair is just a few days away and you won't want to miss out on all of the games and prizes!!! April 1st - 5th!!

So far the Coin wars are going great! A pizza party and a 15min extended lunch for the winners!!! 


Coin Wars


Boothe 1st period– 65.96

Boothe 2nd period- 2.41

Boothe 3rd period – 111.03

Boothe 4th period– 52.65

Boothe 5th period– 43.11

Boothe 6th period– 76.52


Daniels 1st period– 19.51

Daniels 2nd period– 7.82

Daniels 3rd period – 4.32

Daniels 4th period- 9.43

Daniels 6th period– 19.03


Lavelle – 49.43

Book fair is in just ONE WEEK AWAY!!! We need parent volunteer's at lunch time, please go to the scholastic link and sign-up! Thank you!
Book fair is just two weeks away! There will be tons of great prizes so start saving up your coins! Click on the link below to see the exciting new Author Video!
Use the link below to see how the new e-wallet can work for you
Spring Book Fair April 1st-5th 2019!
Counting on Words!
By Class the leaders are........
Zachary Setting- 909,210
Isabela Gamble- 1,367,645
BobbieLee Kliever- 328,209
Emily Elias- 748,005
Kristi Brink- 288,507
Noel Hartung-994,575
Cody Cunnigham- 715,127
Maya Bussinger- 1,788,475
Kayd Figueroa- 486,808
Vienna Stark- 593,079
Savanna Talbott- 364740
Cody Cunningham- 715,127
Kenneth Mosley- 582,239
Anders Torgerson- 348-413
Isabella Develey- 612,086
Erik VonRuden- 1,759,319
Mary Brennan- 311,095
Improving your word count is easy, take an AR test and it will automatically be tallied for you. 
Hi Magnolia,

I'm reaching out because today I have a special opportunity to build on the great things happening in the library.

I want to make sure the students have everything they need to succeed, so I created a classroom project request. Check it out here:

Passion for Reading

Even better, LIFTOFF is matching donations (of up to $50) to my project. Just enter the code LIFTOFF at checkout, and your gift will go twice as far.

This special match will expire tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30! My students and I would be so appreciative of your support. In return, you'll get awesome photos of your gift in action and our heartfelt gratitude.

Thanks for taking a look,

Mrs. Hartung

PS: If you know anyone who may want to help my students, feel free to pass this along.
We received our first donation of 2 books and 20.00!!! Every dollar goes directly back into the school library. My goal is to have at least 100 new books for our middle schoolers to devour. Click on the link below and you get to choose from the list which books you want to dontate. Thank you again Magnolia family!
Hello Magnolia family! The kids have been showing a real desire and enthusiasm for reading.  I've been doing my best to add new and fresh titles to our somewhat tired library. Below I've attached a link that will take you to SOS Library. On that page is our school wish list which reflects the students growing interests. Or you can simply donate Thank you,