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Welcome to Magnolia - Home of the Rattlers!


Congratulations to Zoe Myers for winning the mid-point "Counting on words" Challange!! Next Challenge is 3 Million!!!
The leaders for 2019-2020 Counting on words are....
6th grade- Zoe Myers 941,203 words read this year!
7th grade- Erik Von Ruden 818,726 words read this year!
8th grade- Zach Setting 806,680 words read this year! 
Congratulations, you're off to a flying start!!
If you received a overdue notice for while school was not in session due to the power outage they will not have to pay any overdue late fee's. Please renew or return overdue books as soon as possible. 

Thank you to all who helped make the book fair fun and successful!

Click on the link to Volunteer, take advantage of the ewallet, see online selection and more

Mark your calendars Magnolia Rattlers,

Book Fair week starts 10/2/2019! All purchases benefit our school. Follow the link for more information!


Tuesday's during lunch is a quiet place to read. If your interested in joining a book club sign up in the Library!
Welcome Back Magnolia students! 
Just a few reminders
1) No food or drink in the Library
2) Students have 21 school days to either Renew or Return the borrowed books (excluding textbooks) any day after the 21 days students will be charged 25 cents per day until it's returned. 
3) All textbooks need to be covered- I have paper bags in the library for students if needed. 
Thursday May 16th we have a rare and exciting opportunity to host author/illustrator R.M Winch! His published book and other artwork can be found and purchased on .  While on campus he will be presenting "Space Pilgrim" to the students and having a time for them to ask questions not limited to but including art school, how to publish a work of art and his time spent at Disney. 

Coin Wars- Congratulations Mrs. Boothe’s 6th period!!!!


Get ready to Party!!!! On Friday April 12th we will be having a Pizza party at Lunch and it gets even better you get an extra 15min added it! 

Great job to all the classes it will go a long way in improving our library! Thank you!!!



Boothe 1st period– 71.03

Boothe 2nd period- 2.41

Boothe 3rd period – 162.71

Boothe 4th period - 67.96

Boothe 5th period– 65.76

Boothe 6th period– 390.14


Daniels 1st period– 32.58

Daniels 2nd period– 31.35

Daniels 3rd period – 5.32

Daniels 4th period- 51.81

Daniels 6th period– 38.83


Lavelle – 64.99

So far the Coin wars are going great! A pizza party and a 15min extended lunch for the winners!!! 


Coin Wars


Boothe 1st period– 65.96

Boothe 2nd period- 2.41

Boothe 3rd period – 111.03

Boothe 4th period– 52.65

Boothe 5th period– 43.11

Boothe 6th period– 76.52


Daniels 1st period– 19.51

Daniels 2nd period– 7.82

Daniels 3rd period – 4.32

Daniels 4th period- 9.43

Daniels 6th period– 19.03


Lavelle – 49.43

Use the link below to see how the new e-wallet can work for you
Counting on Words!
By Class the leaders are........
Zachary Setting- 909,210
Isabela Gamble- 1,367,645
BobbieLee Kliever- 328,209
Emily Elias- 748,005
Kristi Brink- 288,507
Noel Hartung-994,575
Cody Cunnigham- 715,127
Maya Bussinger- 1,788,475
Kayd Figueroa- 486,808
Vienna Stark- 593,079
Savanna Talbott- 364740
Cody Cunningham- 715,127
Kenneth Mosley- 582,239
Anders Torgerson- 348-413
Isabella Develey- 612,086
Erik VonRuden- 1,759,319
Mary Brennan- 311,095
Improving your word count is easy, take an AR test and it will automatically be tallied for you. 
Library Hours 
Monday & Wednesday
Tuesday & Thursday
12:00pm- 3:30pm
12:00pm- 2:25pm