8th Grade Promotion Ceremonies

Good evening 8th Grade Parents,

This is a reminder if your child has qualified to participate in the 8th grade promotion ceremony, we ask of the following things of that night.   

  1. Please do not use noise makers, as many are recording and may not hear their child's name during the ceremony. 
  2. Please do not bring confetti or items that will make a mess in the stadium. We are guests of Bear River High School and want to ensure our future students can experience promoting in such a wonderful venue.  
  3. If you bring balloon bouquets, please leave them behind the stadium bleachers or sit on the top row so it does not obstruct others from seeing the ceremonies.
  4. That evening will be hot; please hydrate and make sure you have water available for your family who is attending. Water and snacks will be provided for the students. If you forget your water, it will be sold that night as a fundraiser for one of the high school sports teams. 
  5. Please be mindful when parking at BRHS or in our parking lots. There will be many parking spaces that night. Please do not rush. If you want a ride to the stadium, there will be a couple of people shuttling people from the Turf Field parking lot to BRHS via a golf cart.  

Please enjoy the evening, and let's have a wonderful time celebrating the accomplishments of this class of 8th graders.