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Welcome to Magnolia - Home of the Rattlers!



Welcome to 8th Grade English!

Quote of the Week: 
"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you
  can be grateful because thorn bushes have roses."
~ Thomas Wilson "Ziggy" (American Cartoonist)   
Welcome to English 8!
We have an exciting year ahead of us, filled with rich literature, critical thinking and problem-solving activities, and advanced writing for an array of academic purposes.
I look forward to working with you as we embark on this journey to improve our language and communication skills.

To all 8th grade students:

The eighth grade teachers have collaborated extensively to assure you of having the greatest possible consistency with both policies and access across all subject areas.  The following is what we, the teachers, are committed to have for you:

  • Online access to assignment due dates, a copy of your syllabus explaining all classroom procedures and easy contact with your teacher via the teacher websites, as well as lunchtime access to see your teachers when needed.  
  • Access to your grades online.  
  • A copy of the student handbook in your agenda that clearly outlines your responsibilities, graduation requirements and district policies covering everything from absent work to behavior policies.

We, your teachers, have the following expectations of you, the student:

  • are responsible for maintaining your agenda and knowing and meeting all due dates, remember being absent a day or two may not result in a long-term assignment deadline automatically being extended, see your teacher if you believe you deserve extra time before the due date,
  • are responsible for having all pertinent materials at school each day to do your work (in process work, journals, pens, pencils, etc.)
  • are responsible for initiating contact with your teachers whenever you need additional information regarding an assignment or have been absent and need to collect handouts,
  • are responsible for completing all absent work within the district timeline (see agenda) – if for some reason you have failed to complete an absent assignment and would like an exception to the district policy you must submit in writing both your request and an explanation of the mitigating circumstances that you feel qualify you to have an extension.

We are here to help you and working together, students with teachers, we are confident that you will have a successful year.

The Eighth Grade Faculty

*Agenda and Homework pages updated by Monday evening. 
* Please remember that the Agenda is a snapshot of our work in the classroom. 
For information on homework, upcoming due dates, and helpful documents, 
please check the Homework link.

Recent Posts

French Fry Debate Outline

The French Fry Debate Outline will be completed tomorrow in class. We will start debate Wednesday. Students will know which side of the debate they are on tomorrow.

Time to check school supplies

Wow, I can't believe that we are nearing the end of second trimester. This is a great time to go through and check that students have the needed supplies as many have been depleted. Students should have the following:
1. New journal if they have used up all the note space in their old one.
2. Journal tabs -as many have fallen off
3. Colored pencils
4. Colored pen for grading (no dark blue or black)
5. Plenty of pencils

New Novel Time!

It's time to find a new, student-selected novel. Books must be 5.0 level or higher, contain a minimum of 250 pages, and have an AR Quiz (that the student hasn't already taken previously.)  This is the last student-selected novel for the year.

House Graphic Organizer

The House Graphic Organizer due date was extended per student request. The new due date is Thursday, December 14 (same day as our first rough draft.)

Personal Narrative Essay Assigned Today

This is our first major essay of the year. We have learned and practiced new skills on our writing journey, and now it's time to show what we can do. We picked up a new writing program, Write to Learn, that gives students immediate feedback about their writing. I encourage you to get online with your students and check it out; it is truly an amazing program! Students can access and print any forms for this assignment in Google Classroom (each student received a copy of each handout today). Students were provided Google Classroom codes today to access their Google Classroom.
Essays will be submitted through Write to Learn first and then submitted through Google Classroom. 

Film Permission Slips Due Friday

Please return film permission slips for A Series of Unfortunate Events: "The Reptile Room" . . . we plan to watch it on Monday and Tuesday:)

Lemony Snicket

I am excited to let you know that we were able to purchase a class set of Lemony Snicket's The Reptile Room to read in class this trimester. This series is packed full of amazing vocabulary, and Daniel Handler's (aka: Lemony Snicket) use of literary elements is quite impressive. We will start reading it in class on Monday!

Book Report and AR Test Sept. 21

Our first book report is due this Thursday. Students will also take an AR quiz on their student selected novel.
Happy book report journey! I look forward to seeing what you have created!

Summer in Six project is Due Wed., 9/6

 Students have been working on coming up with six amazing words that are thought provoking and mysterious. Final draft needs six symbols that represent the story behind the six words. Students also need to provide a paragraph on the back of their final copy construction paper (can be printed or typed) that explains the story that inspired their six words.

First Book Report and AR Test 9/21

 Our first book report and AR Test date is approaching. Book report forms will go home this coming week. Extra copies can be printed from home by accessing the "Book Report" link on my webpage.
I hope you have an amazing book report journey!

Book Check Moved to Friday, 8/25

 Our trip to the library had to be rescheduled to Thursday, August 24, so our first book check has been moved accordingly. Please select a novel leveled 5.0 or higher, 225 pages or more, and that has an AR Test that you haven't already taken. Happy novel hunting!