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The Rattler PIT is Magnolia's state of the art technology lab. The lab is designed by teachers to be used for integrating technology with the daily curriculum. There are 60 Intel based MacIntosh iMac computers making it possible to teach separate classes or accommodate two classes working on the same project. It is a project based lab, meaning that teachers do not have assigned times, but sign up by projects. The main focus on the technology integration is to encourage students to be authors of multimedia projects. There are our factors that the designers took into consideration when building the lab.

1. The computers must operate at all times. Tech support in a timely manner is critical to well functioning technology, which in turn leads to successful projects.

2. Each side of the lab must have enough computers to accommodate an entire class.

3. There must be a Technology Curriculum Specialist available at all times to help design and implement projects.

4. The content of the technology projects must be standards based curriculum, allowing teachers to accomplish what they do in classroom with technology, not making it another subject to teach, but an integration of the curriculum with the technology.

Rattler Pit Production Company
Empowering Students with Digital Tools....
Magnolia's very own award winning Rattler Pit films and edits performances at all of the schools throughout the Pleasant Ridge School District to create professional quality DVD's.  
These DVD's include film footage and often slide shows with still shots from the performance.  
Parents love being able to sit back and enjoy the show without having to worry about filming.  
These DVD's are sure to become a treasured part of your families history!
Order your past and current performances on DVD (and some Blu Ray) by clicking on the Order Form link.